Conference Profile

  • A significant international conference and exhibition
  • Participation of top railway managers and senior representatives of railway sector, forwarders, infrastructure managers, research and world of academia
  • Forum to meet East and West, Asia and Europe
  • Presentation of the best railway related projects
  • Bringing together railway experts and their clients
  • Support for international and global cooperation

Why to attend the conference ERRIC

  • The first public international event R&D after launching the Shif2Rail Joint Undertaking
  • Bringing together railway industry and railway operators for the first time
  • The Shift2Rail JU founding members and partners will present their ideas, goals and future projects
  • Railway industry will explain up-to-date detailed information on Shift2Rail for new partners
  • How to participate and be a part of the European railway research and innovation in 2015-2020
  • Wide international audience, meeting point of politicians, academia, railway industry, research and operators

Why to attend the conference IRFC

  • Focused on innovative technologies and best practices in rail freight and logistics in Europe and Euro-Asian market
  • Best European and Asian manufacturers, freight and inter-modal operators and forwarders will present their new innovative solutions, products and services
  • Successor of the very fruitful IRFC 2013 (more than 330 participants, 105 Directors incl. 21 General Directors, 16 Presidents, 11 CEOs, 7 Chairmen, from 157 companies, from 31 countries of Europe, Asia and Africa, with 42 lecturers from 19 countries, and with 15 significant exhibitors) – see the full archive here

Conference languages

  • Official languages will be English, Russian and Czech


  • The registration will be launched in September 2014