Day 1

  • Research and Innovation – Driver of Competitiveness (expected speakers from UNIFE, European Commission, UIC, UNECE + R&D, world...)
  • Rail Freight Competitiveness (expected speakers from European Commission, UIC, CER, OSJD)
  • Promoting Shift2Rail (expected speakers from founding members, SRG, ERA)
  • Liberalization of Rail Freight Business (expected speakers from European Commission, CER, UIC, OTIF and MEP)


Day 2

Conference ERRIC                                                                          

  • Energy & Mass Efficient Technologies for High Capacity Trains
    On-board systems to boost capacity efficiency and sustainability
    Interaction between rolling stock and infrastructure
    Rolling stock technical framework
    Rolling stock interoperability framework
  • Advance Traffic Management & Control Systems   
    ERTMS-related topics
    Technical framework
    Interoperability framework
    Integrated mobility management
    Maintenance topics
    Electromagnetic compatibility
    Data management                                            
  • Cost Efficient - High Capacity Infrastructure   
    Infrastructure components
    Tunnels, bridges, etc.
    Noise and vibrations
    Data management
    Interface to integrated mobility management
  • IT Solutions for a Seamless Attractive Railway Transport
    Multimodal ticketing solutions and shopping
    Travel companion
    Interoperability framework
    Trip tracking
    Business analytics
    Integrated mobility management                                                   
  • Technologies for Sustainable & Attractive European Freight   
    Intermodal terminals
    Access / operation and data management, relation to integrated mobility management
    Freight wagons (electrification, automated coupling, automatic brake test, etc.)
    Propulsion, traction rolling stock
    Single wagon loads, first/last mile solution, logistics
  • Other
    Purpose and role of railway research
    Financial, political and legislative aspects


Conference IRFC

  • New Systems for Euro-Asian Land-bridge
    Shipments in practice
    Support for transportation
    Goods tracking
    Exceptional consignments
  • New Technologies for Interoperability 1435/1520
    Development of the railway network
    Logistic centres
    Technology for transitions with different gauges
    Border crossing stations
  • Freight Market Development
    Shipment of single wagonload
    Last-mile infrastructure systems
  • Intermodal Logistics for Freight
    Intermodal and combined transport
    Intermodal and container terminals
    Public logistics centres
    New technological systems
  • Innovations in Railway Equipment
    Freight wagons
    Technical equipment
    Rolling stock register (RSRD, etc.)
    Intelligent vehicle