Foreword and Topics

“The progress of the previous years of IRFC showed how this event brings to our members, who participate even partially in transports between CIM and SMGS regimes, not only valuable information but also extraordinary opportunity to meet business partners. We are sure that this 2013 Conference will bring new ideas and useful cooperation. Our organization again takes a patronage over this event.”

Tadeusz Szozda
Chairman, OSJD


“I am pleased that under the auspices of the UIC, the fourth conference IRFC will be held providing a unique platform for exchange of experience among all participants in rail freight transportation. This is an exceptional event, which also brings information on current situation and trends in the field of transportation throughout the Eurasian region and facilitates convergence of East and West.”

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux
Director General, UIC





Railway equipment

Wagons, locomotives, technical equipment, modernization, rolling stock, registers, intelligent vehicle

Transportation of goods

Clearance of shipments, support for transportation, goods tracking, non-standard transports, tariffs, prices, stability, competition, eBusiness, eCommerce

Transportation systems

Train composition, combined transport, container terminals, border crossing stations, cooperation of railway companies, support for transportation systems


Development of the railway network, logistic centers, transitions with different gauges, relationship infrastructure managers – operators, interoperability, efficiency

Safety and transport protection

Securing of shipments, security services, insurance, workshop GALILEO

Support with international projects

Shift2Rail, Results of the European Research and Development Projects, Contribution to the Greener European Transport, GETA Workshop