Day 1

13:00Introductory and general thoughts
 Introductory wordDavid KrásenskýOLTIS GroupCzech Republic
 Importance of railways on the competitive European transport market and its current problems in the overall today’s context František KomoraAssociation of logistics and forwarding of the Slovak RepublicSlovakia
 Development of the intermodal terminals with the support of the Operational Programme Transport during the period 2007 – 2013 Peter HrapkoMinistry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development SRSlovakia
 RNE and its involvement in the implementation of Regulation 913/2010 (European Freight Corridors)Harald ReisingerRNEAustria
 Quality and affordable rail infrastructure - fundamental prerequisite for development of rail passenger and freight transportJán SimčoŽSRSlovakia
 Introducing SŽDC – the Czech MI – and the current changes of the Czech environmentJiří ČernýSŽDCCzech Republic
 Challenges and contribution of the European rail industry for a sustainable, efficient and competitive European railway networkNicolas FurioUNIFEBelgium
 Transferring the train numbers between the train controlling system ILTIS (SIEMENS) and the systems for supporting the operational control (EDD, VDS)Jozef DudákŽSRSlovakia
 Local wagon handling - supporting the marshalling yardJozef DudákŽSRSlovakia
15:30Session Interoperability
 IT support of RNE for the international traffic: Path Coordination System (ex Pathfinder), Train Information System (ex Europtirails)Harald ReisingerRNEAustria
 From the Network Statement to the Corridor InformationJiří ČernýSŽDCCzech Republic
 Internationally valid identification of the objects pertinent to train movementMarek NeustadtSŽDC (Railway Infrastructure Administration)Czech Republic
 National rolling stock register of the Slovak RepublicIvan ŠkodaÚRŽDSlovakia
 New technical standards for data interchange for the applications in rail passenger traffic in Europe: TAP-TSIStefan Jugelt ERAFrance
 Harmonisation of the path request between the Czech system of ISOŘ KADR and the international Path Coordination SystemZuzana VelčovskáOLTIS GroupCzech Republic
 Integrated dispatcher system RV3Martin MotyčkaDComCzech Republic
 Smarter RailroadYouriy KaradjovIBMCzech Republic
 Issues of vehicle identification using the RFID technologyMiroslav HaltufRPP InternationalCzech Republic
19:00Official networking dinner

Day 2

09:00Session Infrastructure
 Latest Developments at Wayside Train Monitoring SystemsAndreas SchöbelTU WienAustria
 Wayside train monitoring systems of ÖBB IKT GmbHJohannes KarnerÖBB IKT GmbHAustria
 Centralized data collection from the wayside monitoring devices Ladislav KovářStarmonCzech Republic
 New products in the field of the communication technologyMartin MotyčkaDComCzech Republic
 Modernisation of the international railway corridors in SlovakiaJán BušovskýProdex Slovakia
11:00Innovative signalling technologies at the railway level crossings Jaroslav LátalUniControlsCzech Republic
 Implementing the TSI TAF at the Czech infrastructure manager of SŽDCMarek NeustadtSŽDC (Railway Infrastructure Administration)Czech Republic
 IT support of charging the railway access fees (KAPO)Jiří PavelSŽDCCzech Republic
 Charging the railway infrastructure access fees by ŽSR according to the new price regulationRoman TomekŽSRSlovakia
14:00Session Information technology
 Current issues of the Central Dispatching System ISOŘ CDS and its bindings to the international Train Information System (subject to be specified)Tomáš AndrýsSŽDCCzech Republic
 Electronic data interchange with IM and the neighbourhoodMilan MajerčákZSSKSlovakia
 Efficiency and workforce process management by electronic meansPetr GregorKVADOSCzech Republic
 How to improve bottom line results through advanced planning & schedulingMichal KolářT-SYSTEMS CRCzech Republic
 System integration – setting communication standards Jan MatušAutoContCzech Republic
16:00ERIC – a unified and integrated source of information on the European railway infrastructure Miroslav KlapkaJERIDCzech Republic
 A comprehensive support of the processes of planning the temporary closures Daniel CihoOLTIS SlovakiaSlovakia
 Rail Infrastructure Data ManagementTomáš StaněkBentley Systems Eastern EuropeCzech Republic
 Asset Tracking – a solution for managing and tracking the infrastructure and its devicesPeter RuskoIBMCzech Republic
 Five tips how to attract new customers to the railwaysPetr HampejsMicrosoft Czech RepublicCzech Republic
 Asset management and maintenance in the system ARMRoman ProkešLogica SlovakiaSlovakia
19:00Slovak evening in a wine cellar

Day 3

09:00Session Infrastructure
 Comprehensive solution of the data collection on the energy consumption and its chargingJiří JanštaOLTIS GroupCzech Republic
 Results of a case study addressing potential cost savings for the traction energy at the RU of PKP Cargo S.A.Miroslav ŠkotaRPP InternationalCzech Republic
 Measuring the electric energy on the hauling vehiclesAntonín FelberUniControlsCzech Republic
 METEOR – Integrovaný systém pro dispečink a optimalizaci spotřeby PHM
 FASSI – Energy efficient driving and issues of locating vehicles in tunnelsUwe PreißlerDB KommunikationstechnikGermany
 Optical identification of the railway vehiclesOndřej KovářSTARMONCzech Republic
11:00Application of Simulation of Railway Operation in the Planning Phase of Railway ProjectsAndreas SchöbelTU WienAustria
 The RU of ZSSK Cargo and its system of the quality management concerning the product “Railway freight transport (logistic trains)”Martin BinderZSSK CargoSlovakia
 History and future of the railway line Tisovec – Pohronská Polhora, National Cultural MonumentIvan WlachovskýŽSRSlovakia
 Effects of the railway infrastructure capacity for the quality of the railway trafficJozef GašparíkŽilinská univerzitaSlovakia
12:30Lunch, closing the conference