Harald Reisinger

Chief Information Officer
RNE, Austria

Responsible for:
– Assisting the RNE GA (General Assembly) and the RNE MB (Managing Board) in performing their tasks and duties
– Managing the association’s IT
– Management of technical and organisational takeover, implementation and roll-out of IT tools
– RNE-wide (i.e. Europe-wide) co-ordination of IT developments
– Developing a common international IT Strategy including SEDP and TAF-TSI
– Co-ordinating the IMs (Infrastructure Managers) in international IT activities and projects
– Following up activities of other international projects relating to the objectives of the association
– Chairing the IM CIO Board
– Contact partner for CIOs of RNE member organisations

Former experiences:
– ÖBB CIO and ÖBB Dienstleistungsgesellschaft (Austrian Federal Railways)
– ÖBB Betrieb AG – CIO
– VA TECH – Headof Competence Centre (Department

Nicolas Furio

Infrastructure and Electrification Manager
UNIFE, Belgium

Nicolas Furio is a civil works engineer and is Infrastructure and Electrification Manager at UNIFE, the Association of the European Rail Industry, since 2010. He is responsible of UNIFE technical activities in the field of rail infrastructure and energy. He is also in charge of current and future infrastructure and energy research projects.
Before joining UNIFE, Nicolas Furio was project manager in a French engineering company, Egis Rail, which designs urban and railway transport projects. He holds a civil works engineering degree from engineering school INSA in Lyon and a Master’s degree in industrial Marketing and international Strategy from the EM Lyon Business School.

Stefan Jugelt

Project officer European Railway Agency (ERA)
ERA, France

Stefan Jugelt is working for the ERA in Valenciennes (France) since November 2009. He is responsible for the development of the technical standards for telematics applications for the rail sector, especially the telematics applications for passengers.
Before his career at the European Agency he has worked for more than ten years as software developer for “Systema GmbH”. He was responsible for the development of automation software for semiconductor manufacturing lines.
Among his professional life he worked for several years for public transport passenger organisations in Germany and Europe.
He held a diploma from the “Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (FH)” in Dresden.

Peter Hrapko

General State Advisor
Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development SR, Slovakia

Professional knowledge and practical skills:
Water transport:
3 years in Československá plavba dunajská s.p. (1981 - 1983)
3 months of professional internship October – December 1994, Hamburg port
Road transport:
2 years in ČSAD GŘ Bratislava (1989 - 1990)
1 year implementation of express system for transport of piece goods Transportexpres,
1 year economy and calculations of international truck transport
4 years international road freight forwarding (1991-1992 LEP Int., 1994 -1995 IFC Tr.)
Air trasport: 2 years, freight air transport (1996 - 1998 IFC Tr.)
Intermodal trasport: (1993)
- Contrail (1994) – transport of shipping containers from German ports to ports of Austria, Hungary and Slovakia)
- Owner of industrial method for horizontal way of tranship of intermodal transport units (1996)
- 2 years (1998 - 1999) P & O TRANS EUROPEAN - trasport, storage, custom service and formation of the first distributive system cross dock in Slovakia for SONY
- 4 years (2001 - 2005) managing of the division Danzel Solutions in Slovakia and after merging with DHL logistics division of DHL Logistics Slovakia - complex logistics including cross dock for SONY, IBM, Gillette, ...
- 1,5 years ESA Logistics – Logistics Manager - complex logistiks including own transport - P & G, Gillette (sales, storage and distribution), J. Becher (custom warehouse and alcohol distribution), Danone (storage and distribution of chilled food)
Railway transport:
- Preparation of railway infrastructure construction projects financed from EU fonds – specialization in creation of infrastructure for intermodal transport systems:
a) for passenger transport – chairman of working groups appointed by the minister DPaT for ITS in Košice and for ITS in Bratislava
b) for freight transport – construction of intermodal transport terminals. Chairman of working groups appointed by the minister DPaT for intermodal terminals construction.

František Komora

Association of logistics and forwarding of the Slovak Republic, Slovakia


Ján Simčo

Head of Department
ŽSR, Slovakia

Mr. Simčo has started to work for railways in 1993 in a few positions of railway operation. In 2003 he was appointed as a Strategy Director of ZSSK (passenger and freight operator). He was responsible for strategic and investment development of the company. In September 2006 he was appointed into position of Director of Trade Division and appointed as a member of Board of Directors of ZSSK CARGO. He was graduated from the University of Transport in Žilina, Slovakia, Faculty of Operation and Economy of Railway Transport. Since 2002 he has been working on several international projects and taking part on several international activities in development of railways as a system. He is an active member of international and national transport and economic organisations.

Roman Tomek

Head of analysis and transport billing department
ŽSR, Slovakia

1994 – 1999: University of Žilina, Faculty of Operation and Economics of Railway transport, Žilina
Course/Specialization: operation and economics of railway transport
After graduating at secondary technical school of transporting he started to work as a train dispatcher at Railways of Slovak Republik. He stayed at that position until 1998. Subsequently he worked as an independent railway engineer at Bratislava – East station, later as a manager of national freight transport, then as OSS manager and his current position is the head of analysis and transport billing department. As a part of his carrier he was involved in establishment of a local information system at Bratislava – East station, establishment of operational information system (PIS) in terms of refund of fee for use of railway infrastructure and train traffic analysis. At ŽSR he is responsible for implementation TAF TSI in the field of tracking of train routes and ordering of train tracks.

Jozef Dudák

Deputy Director of Transport Department
ŽSR, Slovakia

In 1994 ing. Jozef Dudák graduated from Secondary Technical School of Transport Zvolen, in 2000 he successfully finished his studies at the University of Žilina, course Operation and Economy of Railway Transport. In 2000 he started to work for Railways of Slovak Republic, where he had already worked as a dispatcher during his university studies. He went through various positions he started as a dispatcher; later he worked as a railway transport engineer at the Train Station Žilina. Since 2002 he has been working at the General Directorate of ŽSR; currently as Deputy Director of Railway Operating Department.
He was succesfully involved in implementation of electronic transport documentation at ŽSR (EDD) and automatic information collection from rail transport timetable graphic (VDS), starting of Centre for Transport Control with Automated train traffic control done by information and safety system (ILTIS) and automated collection of train tracking data, which is currently the most sophisticated solution for mentioned issue in Central Europe.
He is currently the head of user team of Operating Information System ŽSR as the Key User and he is successfull at introducing modern information technologies to railway operations.

Jiří Pavel

Project Manager for ICT
SŽDC, Czech Republic

• Head of Department Financial policy and analysis at SZDC s.o.
• Strategy and conception of track utilization - Track access charges, project manager of track access information system, projects of technical development, project manager of organization reengineering.
• internal auditor at SZDC s.o.
• transportation designer at SUDOP a.s. PRAHA
• train director at Ceske Drahy, a.s.
• University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty
• Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation
• Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Marek Neustadt

Head of Department of timetables and track capacity
SŽDC (Railway Infrastructure Administration), Czech Republic

1988 University of Zilina – Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications
Director of OSS at SŽDC
Since 2004 he is involved in the activities of RNE, currently he is a member of the Timetable working group, WG 5 for implementation TAF TSI dialogue Track Request and EG 1 TAP TSI – Track Request.
Since 2009 he deals with the implementation of TAF TSI at SŽDC and in relation to the carrier.

Ivan Škoda

ÚRŽD, Slovakia

Education: University, II. Degree: University of Zilina, Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications, Operation and Economics of Railway Transport – graduation year 2004

Short carrier story:
2004 – 2008: Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a.s., Business Department, head of Customer Care Department
The most significant working project – Implementation of the smart cards as contactless rail licences and customer licences

2010 – present: Railway transport regulation office, Department of Safety and State Supervision at Railways, head of the Department of interoperability of railway tracks and registration of rail vehicles.
The most significant working project – implementation of the national registration system for railway vehicles in Slovakia


David Krásenský

OLTIS Group, Czech Republic

For David, railways are both the profession and the lifelong love. He earned his master degrees at Masaryk University Brno (Computer Science) and at Transport Faculty of University Pardubice (Railway Transport Technology); his experience includes designing the interlocking systems, and above all analysis, designing, and system architecture of information systems for the railway industry. Now he is a strategy consultant at OLTIS Group, and he also publishes articles in technical magazines and regularly speaks at international conferences and industrial events.

Ladislav Kovář

Starmon, Czech Republic

University of Žilina Transport and Communications, Department of Security and Communication Technology
Working experience:
CSD Communication, signaling distance of Pardubice, Starmon Ltd. - Managing director.
Measuring exchange DISTA
EZOP - information panels with facilities for blind and visually impaired
Indicator horkoběžnosti ASDEK / Phoenix

Andreas Schöbel

TU Wien, Austria

Education & Certification

1996 – 2001 - Technical University of Vienna, Faculty of Civil Engineering – degree of Dipl.-Ing.
2002 – 2005 - Institute for Railway Engineering, Traffic Economics and Ropeways – degree of Dr. techn.
June 26th, 2006 - Certification as an EURAIL-Ing. (European Railway Engineer)
July 14th, 2011 - Habilitation for „Railway operation“ – degree Privatdoz.

Employment & Scientific Functions

2002 to present Scientific Assistant at the Institute for Railway Engineering, Traffic Economics and Ropeways at Technical University of Vienna
Since 2005 Member of the International Association of Railway Operations Research (IAROR)

Specific Project Experience

2003 – 2005 Project “Safety-system integrated wayside train monitoring systems (“Checkpoints”)” founded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) within the Programme "ISB – Innovative System Railway"
2007 – 2008 Project “Demand analysis for wayside train monitoring systems (“Checkpoints”) at NRIC in Bulgaria” founded by Austrian Railways (ÖBB) – Railway Network Inc.
2008 Project “Simulation of railway operation for new station Salzburg Main Station” for Austrian Railways (ÖBB)
2003 – 2010 Various studies on minimum headway times in railway operation for different signalling layouts (also ETCS)

Johannes Karner

Head of department
ÖBB IKT GmbH, Austria

Born: 10 April 1959, Dorfgastein, Austria

Working position: ÖBB-IKT GmbH, Vienna, head of ZKE department (Wayside Train monitoring System)

Education: University, communication technology
Carrier: 1977 joined ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways)
1988 specialization in firing indicators
2004 train control system manager
2009 head of ZKE department

Significant achievements: 2001 patent for a measuring of firing geometry device


Uwe Preißler

Chef IT Architekt FASSI system
DB Kommunikationstechnik, Germany


Jozef Gašparík

Žilinská univerzita, Slovakia

Mr. Gašparík (33) graduated in Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications at Univesity of Žilina in 2001. In 2001-2005 he completed his PhD studies. In 2009 he habilitated in Transport. Currently he works in the Department of Railway transport as a docent. In his teaching practice and in research, he is mainly focused on railway transport technology. He is a member of resolver teams in natinoal and international projects and is an author of various scientific articles, books and scientific monographys.

Jiří Černý

Head of Department
SŽDC, Czech Republic

He was born in 1975, he graduated at the University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Transport Technology and Control. After completing the master’s program, within his PhD. studies, he worked in the Deparment of Transport Technology and Control. After finishing his work at the university in 2001 he started to work for Czech Railways, s.o. in the informatics department at the department of telematic aplications. In 2004 he transfered to the department of traffic management. In 2008 within establishment of so called "dead Infrastructure" he transfered to SŽDC s.o to the department of timetables and track capacity. In 2010 he transfered to the department of traffic management, department of organization of track operating. Currently, he works in the department of rail operating SŽDC, issue of Declaration on the track, implementation of TAF TSI. He takes part in meetings of working groups of RNE.

Ondřej Kovář

STARMON, Czech Republic

- Secondary school: Secondary technical school for railways in Česká Třebová
- University: University of Pardubice, Faculty of Economics and Administration

- Mikroelektronika, s.r.o. Vysoké Mýto
- STARMON, s.r.o. Choceň – electrician, designer, currently Head of techniques and implementation centre

- Information systems for passengers (rail, bus transport)
- Outdoor information displays
- Public transport terminal Česká Třebová
- Firing indicators

Ivan Wlachovský

Head of GR ŽSR Marketing of Transport Service Department
ŽSR, Slovakia

Ivan Wlachovský (49) is a graduate of bachelor study of the university of Žilina, department of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications.
He has been employed at ŽSR since 1982. He started from scratch as a train dispatcher. Throughout the time he changed various functions. Currently he works as head of GR ŽSR department of bussiness. Ivan Wlachovský is within railways known as a famous propagator, photographer, moviemaker, historitian and railway nostalgy and museum organiser. Simultaneously he is the editor-in-chief of online magazine about railways Vlaky.net.

Roman Prokeš

managing consultant
Logica Slovakia, Slovakia

Currently works for Logica as managing consultant mainly in Energy & Utilities sector. He is focused to Asset management and asset maintenance area. He successfully applied the methods of asset maintenance based on assessment of asset actual condition and risks related to asset operation. In the past he worked on important projects for companies like NET4GAS, RWE, ČEZ, PRE, e.on Ruhrgas and Gasunie Transport Services.

Ján Bušovský

Prodex , Slovakia


Peter Rusko

IBM, Czech Republic

A consultant specialized in process optimization, analysis, design and implementation of IT solutions. He has worked on international projects, has gained experience in transport, financial and retail sector. His work in the railway issues is long-term. He has been involved in projects for Czech Railways.

Zuzana Velčovská

OLTIS Group, Czech Republic

Studied Transport Technology and Control at University of Pardubice, while doing that she took the oportunity to study at Dresden University of Technology – Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences "Friedrich List". In 2009 she underwent a diploma internship in Škoda Auto a. s. in the logistics department of Kvasiny factory. Since 2010 she has been working for OLTIS Group as an analyst in sales, track capacity and train routes orders.

Miroslav Klapka

Project Manager
JERID, Czech Republic

Miroslav Klapka graduated from the Faculty of Informatics and Management of University of Hradec Králové in 2005. In the same year he joined JERID as system analyst for shipping tasks.
In 2007 he proceeded in the company to the position of product manager and was in charge of development of selected software solutions.
Since 2009 he has been working as Project Manager and is responsible for coordination of European projects in relation to foreign partners and national coordinators, furthermore he is in charge of a part of the product portfolio of JERID Company.
He is a propagator of the idea of tracking of all wagons across Europe via satellite tracking units.

Miroslav Haltuf

RPP International, Czech Republic

Miroslav Haltuf was born in 1958, graduated at the University of Žilina, Faculty of Operation and Economy of Railway Transport. He has dedicated himself to railway transport since 1981. He worked for Czechoslovak State Railways in various operational positions and later on, at Czech Railways, he manly attended to international affairs activities in the field of UIC and Paneuropean Transport Corridors. Since 1999 he acts in private sector as advisor, independent expert and project manager. Currently he cooperates e.g. with UNIFE, UIC, ERA, OPTA and is also a member of some international projects focused basically on the improvement of RFID technology in railway sector.

Jiří Janšta

Head of Department
OLTIS Group, Czech Republic

Jiří Janšta is a graduate of University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Transport Technology and Control. He graduated in 2000. Then he began his career in rail industry companies. Since 2000 he worked for AK signal Brno a.s. in the department of research and development of railway guard and diagnostic devices. In 2005 he started to work for OLTIS Group a.s. as a transport analyst. He is involved in implementation of TAF TSI in information systems at infrastructure manager in the Czech Republic. He deals with research and development of products covering the entire life cycle of trains. He is the head of the center for production of information systems for basic operating of railway traffic.

Miroslav Hladík

OLTIS Group, Czech Republic

He is a graduate of University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Transport Technology and Control. For OLTIS Group he has been working as analyst since 2010. He is involved in projects in the area of restriction of railway infrastructure and train dynamics.

Daniel Ciho

Project Manager
OLTIS Slovakia, Slovakia

Since 1981 he has worked on the computer science projects of ČSD and ŽSR
1996 – 2007 head of project - Information system for ŽSR infrastructure
1999 – 2006 coworked on the solutions of international projects EICIS and Ecotrack
2001 - International Bentley Success Award internationally awarded solution
Rail Publisher - GIS/CAD subsystem of information system for ŽSR infrastructure
Since 2007 resolver team leader in OLTIS Slovakia s.r.o.
Since 2010 a member of working team of National and European register of railway vehicles in URŽD and ERA

Miroslav Škota

RPP International, Czech Republic

In 2005 Miroslav Škota graduated from University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Department of Transport Technology and Control. During his subsequent professional career he was involved in implementation of controlling in the environment of the Czech Railways and design of conceptions of information systems in rail transport, such as system for electronic documentation of train movement. Recently, he is in charge of processing of studies and conceptions in the field of railway energetics and consumption of traction diesel measurement.

Jaroslav Látal

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman
UniControls, Czech Republic

- Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical Cybernetics
- ACE Sydney, Australia
- MBA - Graduate Institute Kurt Bösch, Sion, Switzerland
- Active safety systems in the transport infrastructure
The most significant achievements and projects:
- Co-author of the concept of safe pedestrian crossings, system for navigation of persons to safety during a fire occurence in car tunnels and related traffic management concept of car tunnel trafic and traffic light crossings, in addition safety increase of rail and tram crossings and bridges, exits of rescue squads vehicles, etc.

Antonín Felber

Sales manager and Vice Chairman
UniControls, Czech Republic

- Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical Cybernetics
Specialization. Analyses, design and implementation of control systems for transport and industry
The most significant achievements and projects:
Complex proposals for aplication solutions for terminals located on drive vehicles – electronic timetables, electronic repair books, control of radio stations, etc.
Automatization of Slovakian Gas Industry – renewal of control system on all compressor stations of transit gas pipeline in Slovakia
Reconstruction of control system for diesel generators of the nuclear power plant Dukovany
Reconstruction of control systems for underground gas storage in Dolní Dunajovice, Lobodice and Třanovice
Reconstruction of control systems for compressor stations of transit gas pipeline in Kouřim and Kralice.

Martin Motyčka

DCom, Czech Republic

Mr. Martin Motyčka graduated from the University of Defence in Brno, Special Communication Systems. He has been working in the field of communication systems since 1999. In 2005 he started to work for ČD-Telematika, a.s. on the position of project manager and he was involved in designing of the railway communication system GSM-R. After that he worked on strategy formation and development of new products of ČD-Telematika. He joined the AŽD group in 2009 and is director of DCOM, spol. s.r.o. He also uses the experience in the field of railway information and telecomunication systems in the subsidiary company of AŽD Praha, RADOM company, where he works as commercial agent.
He is married, has two children and his biggest hobby is sport.

Youriy Karadjov

IBM, Czech Republic

Expert and manager with many years experience in railway field. He worked as a consultant and project manager on several projects for clients in Europe and USA.

Peter Ihnát

Project Manager
ZSSK Cargo, Slovakia

In 2001 he graduated from Faculty of Operation and Economics of Railway transport (Department of Railway Transport) of the University of Žilina,
In 2010 he successfully defended his final thesis on Reenginneering of traffic and transport processes by CRM method and obtained a PhD in Transport.

After successfull graduation at the University of Žilina he joined the Slovak Railways (ŽSR). Since then he has worked on various positions in successor companies ŽSR (ZSSK Slovakia, ZSSK CARGO). He currently works as a project manager in ICT section of ZSSK CARGO and simultaneously is a representative of ZSSK CARGO in international organizations for the IT field.


Milan Majerčák

Team leader
ZSSK, Slovakia

- Higher education: University of Žilina, course Operation and Economy of Railway Transport
- He has been working for railways since 1989
- He currently works for: Železniční společnost Slovensko, a.s, Information Technology Section
- His work is operational information systems within ZSSK

Martin Binder

Operation Manager
ZSSK Cargo, Slovakia

The railway company CARGO Slovakia, a.s.
Department of Operation
department of technical-technological preparation of operating
Železničná 1, 041 79 Košice
Education: Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications, the University of Transport in Žilina - Operation and Economy of Railway Transport
Projects: project of implementation of quality management systems in the company ZSSK Cargo Slovakia, a.s. since 2004

Petr Gregor

Business director
KVADOS, Czech Republic

Petr Gregor is a bussiness director and first vice chairman of KVADOS, a.s. He is personally involved in the management of all special projects in the field of mobile solutions in regional and international markets. He is one of the main visionaries of the whole KVADOS group, in which he works since 1996. Gradually he went through the positions of head of hardware department and the technical director.
With his more than 18 years of experience with information and communication technologies (ICT) market; he is one of the important figures who are actively involved in quality development of the ICT sector not only in the Czech Republic, but also throughout the whole Central Europe.
Petr Gregor is married and has three daughters. In his free time he enjoys photography, amateur radio broadcasting, hiking and traveling. His hobbies are excellent restaurants, fast cars and getting to know interesting places.

Michal Kolář

Head of Department
T-SYSTEMS CR, Czech Republic

– 17 years in IT
– sw developer, IT administrator, owner of IT company, business consultant, project manager
– last 12 years – T-Systems CR
– current position: Head of Department
– specialized in APS solutions since 2003
– since 2008 role Quintiq solutions product manager

TOP projects
– Implementation of complex MES solution
– Customer: Skoda Auto a.s., Czech Rep
– Role: Project manager, Business Consultant
– Successfully finished: 2009
– Implementation of APS solution Quintiq
– Customer: Czech Post (logistics)
– Role: Project manager, Business Consultant
– Successfully finished: 2011

Petr Hampejs

Product Manager
Microsoft Czech Republic, Czech Republic

Economic University in Prague
1998 Ing.of Economics
Main faculty: Business Economics
Secondary specialization: Banking and International Monetary Economy

IT Department of Teplice’s hospital
1998-1999 Civilian Service
1999-2003 MIUS now part of Autocont
Starting as ERP (Navision, IQ and ESO) consultant, later project leader, analyst and partially also developer. I managed (or cooperate) ERP implementation projects at Viamont, Fotostar, Lázně Teplice v Čechách and Inženierske Stavby Košice.
I was appointed manager of information systems department in 2000.
2003-2011 Microsoft
Product Manager and technical sales for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Jan Matuš

Director, Software Development Division
AutoCont, Czech Republic

2008 - AutoCont CZ, s.r.o.
Position: Director, Software Development Division
• Member of the board
• Division management
2007 – 2008 - ANECT
Position: Product development manager
• Team leader
• Product management
• Product development
2003 – 2007 - AutoCont CZ, s.r.o.
Position: Team leader – development team
• SW development leadership
• Responsibility for quality
• SW development presenter
• Partner consultant: Microsoft, IBM, Google, Panorama, ProClarity
Position: SW engineer
• SW development
• UML analyst
2001 – 2003 - Logos spol. s.r.o.
Position: SW engineer
• SW development
2000 – 2001 - VYZA translations
Position: Marketing manager
• Marketing team member
Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Science
• Mathematics, Informatics
Faculty of informatics
• Computer science and Informatics

Tomáš Staněk

Channel Director
Bentley Systems Eastern Europe, Czech Republic

15 years experience with Road/Rail/Government market in region
reference customers: ZSR, SZDC, Czech Cadastre, ANCPI

Tomáš Andrýs

SŽDC, Czech Republic