Ján Juriga

Deputy general director of ŽSR for the rail operation
ŽSR, Slovakia


Denisa Žiláková

General director of the section Operational Programme Transport
MDVRR SR, Slovakia


Libor Lochman

Executive Director
CER, Belgium

Libor Lochman, born in 1963 in Czechoslovakia, graduated at the Transport University in Žilina and has a doctorate in electronics from the West-Bohemian University Plzeň.
His professional background is signalling; he has been involved in various stages of the ERTMS specification drafting since 1992; since 2005 coordinating the ERTMS Corridor E, member of the ERTMS MoU Steering Committee.
Between 2000 and 2005 he acted as a manager of the Railway Test Centre in Prague – a facility for testing rolling stock, infrastructure and signalling components.
Since 2007 he has been acting as the CER Deputy Executive Director and leader of technical affairs and was also responsible for management of all activities related to the European Railway Agency (ERA).
Libor Lochman has been Executive Director of CER since 1st January 2012.

Danuše Marusičová

Technical manager
ACRI, Czech Republic

Graduate of the Transport University in Žilina, engineering branch.
Long-term experiences in the area of the track maintenance and permanent way construction, in various positions up to the director of the engineering branch at the ČSD/ČD (Czechoslovak and Czech Railways). Then more than ten years of experience in the position of an advisor in the General Director office of ČD, focused to the railway interoperability and involving the ČD Group in the research projects of the EU Frame Programmes.
Since 2009 she works as a technical manager of ACRI (Association of the Czech Railway Industry) and of the Centre of the technical standardization of ACRI, and is a member of the workgroup “Cross-acceptance & certification” under UNIFE.

Peter Šišolák

branch director
ŽSR, Slovakia

Born in 1970, married, two children.
Upon graduating at the technical high school he continued his studies at the University of Transport and Communications in Žilina, at the Faculty of Machinery and Electrical Engineering. At the ŽSR he works since 1993, under the Operational section of the electrical engineering and energy.
In 2002 he became the head energy engineer at the headquarters of ŽSR; his most significant project was setting the system for charging the heat energy, and creating the first price list for supplying and distributing the electric energy. Then he operated at the department of Implementing the transport legislative of EU at the Expert Branch, and lead the project of implementing the TSI at ŽSR, and took part in defining the TSI in the EC bodies.
Since 2009 he is the director of the Department of strategy and external relationships; his most significant project is the system for charging the infrastructure access fees as to the Railway Code 513/2009 and establishing the risk management system at the ŽSR.
He is also the representative of ŽSR at CER and UIC, and in the European Railway Agency (EC body) he represents the CER in the TSI working group – conformance assessment.

Csaba Székely

General director
GYSEV , Austria

Born on 13th October 1951 in Bad Aussee/Styria to Hungarian parents.
Public secondary school with scientific bias in Graz (1962 – 1967) and Vienna (1967 – 1970), final examination on 20th May 1970.
Regular army service at the Austrian military.
University of Vienna: Study of the English and German language and literature (1971 – 1976), political science and history (1976 – 1981), doctoral thesis in political science, Dr. phil.
Employment History
1977 – 1986 Economic journalist
1986 – 1988 Head of the press department of the Austrian Industry Holding
1988 – 1992 Press speaker of the Minister for Economic Affairs and Traffic, Dr. Rudolf Streicher
1992 – June 1996 Press speaker of the Minister for Economic Affairs and Traffic, resp. Minister of Finance, Mag. Viktor Klima
Functions in Raaberbahn AG and NSB AG
1995 –1996 Member of the Supervisory Board of Raab-Oedenburg-Ebenfurter Eisenbahn AG
1996 – 2004 Director and Member of the Board, head of the branch establishment in Vienna and Wulkaprodersdorf, resp. the Austrian corporate office of Raab-Oedenburg-Ebenfurter Eisenbahn AG (Raaberbahn AG) and Neusiedler Seebahn AG (NSB AG)
2004 – 2006 Vice General Manager, responsible for the bussiness units infrastructure and traction of Raaberbahn AG
2004 – May 2007 Chairman of the Board of Directors of NSB AG
Jan. 2007 – Aug. 2010 General Manager (General Director) of Raaberbahn AG
Since Aug. 2010 Vice General Manager
Since June 2007 Member of the Supervisory Board of NSB AG
Functions in Organisations
Since 1998 Mandate in the Association of Track Railways at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
2004 – 2005 Chairman of the Association of Track Railways at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
2003 – 2005 Chairman of the Regional Transport Committee of UITP
2005 - 2009 Chairman of the Regional Transport Division and Vice Chairman of UITP
Since 2005 Vice Chairman of the Austrian Scientific Society for Transport (ÖVG)
Since 2005 Member of the Managing Board of VAEB (Insurance Institution for Railway Associations)
Since 2007 Member of the Managing Board of KTE (Hungarian Scientific Society for Transport)
December 2006 Great medal of honour for merits for the Republic of Austria
August 2008 Award „Knight’s Cross of Medal for Merits of the Republic of Hungary“

Harald Reisinger

RNE, Austria

Responsible for:
– Assisting the RNE GA (General Assembly) and the RNE MB (Managing Board) in performing their tasks and duties
– Managing the association’s IT
– Management of technical and organisational takeover, implementation and roll-out of IT tools
– RNE-wide (i.e. Europe-wide) co-ordination of IT developments
– Developing a common international IT Strategy including SEDP and TAF-TSI
– Co-ordinating the IMs (Infrastructure Managers) in international IT activities and projects
– Following up activities of other international projects relating to the objectives of the association
– Chairing the IM CIO Board
– Contact partner for CIOs of RNE member organisations

Former experiences:
– ÖBB CIO and ÖBB Dienstleistungsgesellschaft (Austrian Federal Railways)
– ÖBB Betrieb AG – CIO
– VA TECH – Headof Competence Centre (Department)

Jiří Pavel

JHMD, Czech Republic

Graduated at the University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, then a practice stay at the Tampere University of Technology in Finland. Previously he worked at the IM of SŽDC as an internal auditor, and as the head of Prices and Analyses Department under the Strategy Division he was also involved in implementing the information systems of TAF TSI. Nowadays an assistant of the board of directors at JHMD, a.s. (Jindřichův Hradec Local Railways), responsible for development projects in the company.

Jiří Černý

SŽDC, Czech Republic

Born in 1975, graduated at the University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Transport Technology and Control. In 2001 he started to work for Czech Railways, s.o. at the department of telematic applications. In 2004 he moved to the department of traffic management, in 2008 to SŽDC s.o to the department of timetables and track capacity. In 2010 he became the manager of the department of traffic management, department of organization of track operating. Currently, he works in the department of rail operation SŽDC; involved in Network statements, implementation of TAF TSI; takes part in meetings of working groups of RNE.

Radek Čech

Head of the department of concepts
SŽDC, Czech Republic

Mgr. Ing. Radek Čech is a graduate of the MFF UK (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University in Prague, 1991 – 1996), and of the Transport Faculty of ČVUT (Czech Technical University in Prague, 1996 – 2002). His rich experiences in the railway transport include:
2001 – 2003 Transport Technical School, Prague 5, technical subjects teacher
2003 – 2005 Ministry of Transport, department of the lines and railway transport, Prague
2006 – 2008 Czech Railways (ČD, a.s.), General Directory, Prague
since 2008 SŽDC s.o., General Directory, department of strategy, since 1st April 2012 head of the department of concepts; since 2003 a member of the steering committee of the freight corridors according to the Regulation 913/2010 (EU).
At present he is the head of the department of concepts. He sees the priority in accelerating the preparation works towards the future High Speed Connections, which will allow rising the market share of the railway transport and fixing the transit position of the SŽDC in both the passenger and freight transport. Other priorities include improving the infrastructure parameters, above all increasing the speed, either by implementing more concise, but comprehensive projects, or by gradual increasing of the speed on the existing infrastructure. Very important is also to finish the project of the freight corridors.

Sejdi Hoxha

Chairman of the board

Sejdi Hoxha, born on 9th October 1981.
Education: University of Pristina, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Traffic
2006 – Graduated Machinery Engineer
2009 – Postgraduate studies, Master of technical Sciences
2010 – PhD student at the University of Pristina
Working experience:
University of Pristina, Faculty of Technical Science (Assistant, Coordinator for academic development, Chief of Industrial Management Department).
2008-2009 Pristina International Airport “Adem Jashari”, Member of the board
2009-2012 Kosovo Railways J.S.C., Chairman of the Board
2012–today, Infrastructure of Kosovo Railways “INFRAKOS” J.S.C., Chairman of the board

Harald Jony

Department manager
ÖBB, Austria

Since 2009 Harald Jony is Head of Sales of the energy department at the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and has been active in the railway sector since 2003. He is responsible for the sales and metering part of energy in Austria and responsible for metering and energy services in an international context especially CEE.

Luděk Ehrenberger

Head of the application group
ČD Cargo, Czech Republic

Born in 1973, graduate of the University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Transport Technology and Control.
At the Czech Railways (ČD) he worked since 1995; upon formation of ČD Cargo in 2008 he started to work at the Strategy and IT Department, and 2 years later he acted as the team leader facilitating the coordination and developments of the operational and commercial applications in the company. Nowadays he is the high architect of the newly developed information system PROBIS (operational and commercial information system of ČD Cargo).

Stephan Breu

DB Netz AG, Germany

Stephan Breu is a Senior Rail professional with 20 years’ experience in functional Specifications, System Integration and Railway Data Exchange
He started in 1973 at Deutsche Bundesbahn and worked in railway operation, commercial, financial and administrative environment. Later after his degree as Master of Business Administration of Railway Technology in 1988 he was deputy head of stations and switched than more to technology. He was involved in the implementation of incident warning systems for high speed lines 1991 and project coordinator for the implementation of DB Netz Train Management Centres 1998. He took responsibility for the implementation of the data exchange according UIC Leaflet 407 from 2001. He worked on the development of EUROPTIRAILS (now TIS) the international train tracking and tracing tool and acted as technical manager at RailNetEurope for it. Since 2006 he is responsible within DB Netz for international IT Affairs.
Stephan was Chairman of TAF TSI IM/RU working Group for Location and Company coding and is member of the UIC Deployment Team.
Stephan is member of the Executive Committee of the UIC Common Components Group responsible for the deployment of the Common Components for TAF and TAP TSI.

Rodrigo Gutierrez

Project Officer
ERA, France

His studies are bound with the University Carlos III of Madrid, where he has earned in 2001 his M. Sc. in Industrial Engineering, Specialization in Industrial Electronics and Automation, and shortly in 2003 his Ph.D. in Automation and Robotics (IP). Then he continued his education at the Technical University of Madrid, becoming University Master of Facilities Construction and Infrastructures, and thereafter at further postgraduate courses.
Working experience:
2002 – 2004 INECO - TIFSA Engineering company owned by the Spanish Ministry of Public Works, Project Engineer for the Railway Infrastructure
2004 – 2006 SOLUZIONA, Consulting & Engineering Company, Project Manager
2006 – 2011 ADIF (Spanish Infrastructure Manager), Head of Department, responsible for coordination of railway projects at the Spanish high speed network
since 2011 – European Railway Agency (ERA), Project Officer, Management of European Legislation concerning the TSI TAF

Jozef Dudák

ŽSR, Slovakia

In 2000 he graduated at the University of Zilina, Operation and Economics of the Railway Transport. He started to work at the Slovakian Railways ŽSR, has gone through various positions, from the station master, to a railway transport engineer in the station of Žilina, and thereafter in 2002 he has started to work at the headquarters of ŽSR, where he has reached the position of the vice-director of the Railway Operation Branch.
He was successfully involved in deploying the “electronic station master” of ŽSR (EDD) and automated information gathering for the performed timetable (VDS), and also in staring the Traffic Controlling Centre with automated train traffic control using the information and interlocking system ILTIS with automatic data gathering on wagon movement, which is presently the most sophisticated solution in the Central Europe. As the project manager he has taken part in the successful bringing the new marshalling yard of Žilina–Teplička into operation, which changes significantly the marshalling system in the northwest part of the Slovak railway network.
Nowadays he is the head of the user team of the Operational Information system of ŽSR as a Key User, and successfully he introduces new modern information technologies into the railway operation of ŽSR.

Otfried Knoll

KNOLL TTS, Austria

Otfried Knoll is an expert and manager with many years of experience in the railway field. He worked as a project manager, head of technical and operational department, general manager operations, CEO and as a member of the supervisory board. In 2010 he founded his own consulting enterprise KNOLL TTS, specialized in analysis, process optimization, redesign and implementation of operational standards and operational solutions, covering the market of regional public transport.

Marek Neustadt

Head of Department of timetables and track capacity
SŽDC, Czech Republic

SŽDC (Railway Infrastructure Administration), Department of timetables and track capacity
1988 University of Zilina, Operation and Economics of the Railway Transport
Head of OSS at SŽDC
Since 2004 he is involved in the activities of RNE, currently he is a member of the Timetable working group, WG 5 for implementation TAF TSI dialogue Path Request and WG 1 TAP TSI – Path Request.
Since 2009 he deals with the implementation of TAF TSI at SŽDC and in relation to the RUs.

Vlastimil Tesař

sales consultant
Microsoft, Czech Republic

Vlastimil Tesař has a long-term experiences with implementation and deployment of the information systems, both on the side of the customer and on the side of the system integrator and implementer. Since 2011 he works for Microsoft as a sales consultant for the productivity tools in the area of the corporate customers.

Miroslav Hajžuš

Enterprise Project Manager/Consultant
AutoCont, Czech Republic


David Krásenský

OLTIS Group, Czech Republic

For David, railways are both the profession and the lifelong love. He earned his master degrees at the Masaryk University in Brno (ICT) and at the Jan Perner Transport Faculty of the University of Pardubice. His experience includes translating from English, designing interlocking systems, and analysis, designing, and system architecture of information systems for the railway industry. Now he is a strategy consultant at OLTIS Group; he publishes articles in technical magazines and regularly speaks at international conferences and industrial events.

Martin Havránek

SŽDC, Czech Republic

Graduate of the University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Transport management, marketing and logistics. Formerly he worked at ČD Cargo under the Department of the combined transport. Since 2009 he is employed at the infrastructure manager of SŽDC, under the Department of registering performances and railway access charges of the RUs, where he deals with implementing the IS KAPO for calculating the railway access fees.

Tomáš Andrýs

Department manager
SŽDC, Czech Republic


Jiří Pálka

SŽDC, Czech Republic

In 1987 he has finished his study at the Railway Technical School in Česká Třebová, branch transport and traffic; then in 2011 he graduated at the University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Transport Technology and Control.
At the Czech railways (under ČSD, ČD and SŽDC) he works since 1989 – until 2000 he had gone through various positions in the railway operation, and thereafter he started to work at the closure measures preparation. From 2001 he is leading a team within the Department of Closures.

Roman Prokeš

Managing consultant
Logica, Czech Republic

Currently works for Logica as managing consultant mainly in Energy & Utilities sector. He is focused to Asset management and asset maintenance area. He successfully applied the methods of asset maintenance based on assessment of asset actual condition and risks related to asset operation. In the past he worked on important projects for companies like NET4GAS, RWE, ČEZ, PRE, e.on Ruhrgas, and Gasunie Transport Services.

Martin Koen

Country Manager CZ / SK
UBIMET, Austria

Martin Koen was born as the son of a Czech mother and an Austrian father in the year 1977 in Vsetin (former Czechoslovakia). He grew up and went to school in Vienna, before he visited Vienna's University of Economy, where he specialized in “Transport- and Logistic-Management” and “Operating Investment and Finance”.
His occupational career is mainly affected by international Sales-Activities in Central- and Eastern Europe.
At UBIMET GmbH, which is Central- and Eastern Europe's largest private weather service provider, Martin Koen, as Country Manager CZ / SK, is in charge of B2B customer care and Project-Management.
UBIMET is the leading partner for all infrastructural companies, which are faced with meteorological challenges.

Wolfgang Zottl

Head of the R&D Department
ÖBB Infrastruktur , Austria

Wolfgang Zottl was born in Vienna (Austria) in 1960. His education was mechanical engineering, since 1979 he works for the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). He served in several sectors, such as maintenance of facilities, traction & rolling stock department and system planning. Senior Researcher at the R&D department of “ÖBB Infrastruktur AG”, involved as project manager and partner in several National and European projects.
Now chief of staff Research & Development of ÖBB Infrastruktur AG.

Aleš Zeman

OLTIS Group, Czech Republic

He is a graduate of University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Transport Technology and Control. Yet during his studies he was involved in various projects pertaining to the railway infrastructure – modelling the railway station technology. For OLTIS Group he has been working as analyst since 2011. He is involved in projects in the area of railway wayside monitoring and graphical presentation of the train position.

Alexandr Chloupek

RDSA, Austria

Mr. Chloupek was born on September 3rd 1968 in Vienna, he holds a degree on the Technical University of Vienna, were he worked also as lecturer and adviser, for spatial and traffic planning. Afterwards he was adviser at the Austrian inland waterway authority “via donau” and was responsible for the co-operation of traffic and transport information systems on the Danube. Since 2003 he is consultant for planning and management of European and Austrian R&D projects in the field of logistics, traffic telematics and infrastructure planning (ITS).
Furthermore he lectures on the “FH Technikum Wien, Master Course ITS”. In 2011 he founded together with partners the start-up company “Rail Data Services GmbH & Co KG”, which is specialised in quality-data management in rail infrastructure systems. In other ITS related projects Mr. Chloupek acts as business angel.

Attila Cseh

PhD student
BME , Hungary

I was graduated as a transport engineer (MSc) in 2012 at BME and I have started my PhD studies at the Department of Control and Transport Automation. My speciality is the railway traffic control and automation highlighting the centralised traffic control systems.

Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen

Eress, Norway

Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen holds the position as Director of Eress. He has been responsible for the development, implementation and daily operation of the settlement system Erex since its very beginning.
Mr. Gulbrandsen holds a Master of Science (MSc) in industrial economics and technology management degree and is certificated in financial energy analysis. He has long experience working within the energy and railway market.
Since 2003 Mr. Gulbrandsen has been working as Energy Trading Manager at the Norwegian National Rail Administration. His areas of responsibility include energy procurement, settlement and billing in the Norwegian railway network.

Jiří Janšta

Head of Department
OLTIS Group, Czech Republic

Graduate of the University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Transport Technology and Control. Upon his graduation in 2000 he started his career in the rail industry. Since 2000 he worked for AK signal Brno a.s. in the department of research and development of railway interlocking and diagnostic devices. In 2005 he started to work for OLTIS Group as a transport analyst. He is involved in implementation of TAF TSI in information systems of the infrastructure manager in the Czech Republic. He deals with research and development of products covering the entire life cycle of trains. He is the head of the production department of information systems for basic control of the railway traffic.

Michael Bares

ÖBB, Austria

Since 2012 Michael Bares is team leader of the key account management (traction power) of the energy department at the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and has been active in the railway sector since 2008. He is responsible for the sales of traction power and metering on railway vehicles in Austria and responsible for metering services in an international context especially Central and Western Europe.

Juraj Černohorský

ŽSR, Slovakia

Born in 1959.
Education: Faculty of the electrical engineering, Slovak Technical University in Bratislava (1983).
Employed at ŽSR: since 1984.
Present position: ET manager, GR ŽSR (headquarters), Communication, Interlocking and electrical engineering, department of electrical engineering.
The most significant current projects:
1. Participating on the concept and building of the unified network of remote controlled supply of the fixed electric traction devices with central supervision of the controlling centres ŽSR
2. Participating on the project 12/2011 “Extending IRA by diagnostics as to the needs of the management and maintenance of the devices”
3. Participating on creating the new “Regulation on planning, maintaining, and diagnosing the electric devices” – SR 11(E)
4. Participating on the project 02/2012 “Consolidating the performance standards and improving the effectiveness of the standardization base onto the work efficiency and productivity”
5. Participating on redesigning the information system ISI EE

Petr Vacek

OLTIS Group, Czech Republic

Petr Vacek graduated at the University of Pardubice, Faculty of electrical engineering and information technology, specialization ICT. Formerly he was concerned with development of web-based applications, and since 2011 he works as an analyst at the company OLTIS Group. He is involved in the projects of distributing the electronic timetables to the hauling vehicles (ETD) and rolling stock reference database (together with their types) at the SŽDC network.

Antonín Felber

Sales manager and Vice Chairman
UniControls, Czech Republic

UniControls a.s. – Sales manager and Vice Chairman of the Board.
Education: Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical Cybernetics
Specialization: Analysis, design and implementation of control systems for transport and industry
The most significant achievements and projects:
Complex proposals for application solutions for terminals located on hauling vehicles – electronic timetables, electronic repair books, controlling radio stations, etc.
Automation of Slovakian Gas Industry – renewal of control system on all compressor stations of transit gas pipeline in Slovakia
Reconstruction of control system for diesel generators of the nuclear power plant Dukovany and others.

Ladislav Kovář

STARMON, Czech Republic

Konateľ, zástupca vedúceho Strediska techniky a realizácie
Profesný životopis:
1963 -1967 - Stredná odborná škola Bloky a spoje Česká Třebová
1967 -1972 – Vysoká škola dopravy a spojov Žilina
1972 – 1993 – ČSD Oznamovacia a zabezpečovacia dištanc Pardubice vo funkciách – referent pre oznamovaciu techniku; vedúci laboratória oprav dielov automatického spádovištného zariadenia ARS-GTSS spádoviska Česká Třebová; zástupca vedúceho spádoviska
1993 – doposiaľ – spoločnosť STARMON s.r.o. vo funkciách konateľ, vedúci Technického oddelenia, zástupca vedúceho Strediska techniky a realizácie.

Pavel Pinkas

Project manager
OLTIS Group, Czech Republic

Graduate of the University of Transport and Communications in Žilina (Faculty of Operation and Economy of Railway Transport, Faculty of Cybernetics, and Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering). Then doctorate student at the Institute of Electric Traction in Žilina and at the Universita la Sapiensa di Roma. Worked as a station master and engine driver, spoke at scientific and technical conferences, cooperated with railway engine manufacturers.
In 1993 started to work at the Centre of Information Technology of the Czech Railways, and in 1994 moved to the Freight Transport Department of the Czech Railways, where he was focused to the information systems for the railway freight transport.
After 1997 he leaves the Czech Railways and as a SAP specialist and project manager he has duties of deployment and development of the SAP in various Czech and Slovak companies (Siemens, Karosa, PBS, SEMPERIT, VDO, Slovak Post, Tatravagónka). Also a manager of several large-scale projects for the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Finance.
Since 2009 he works as a project manager at OLTIS Group, where his focus area comprises above all the passenger transport.

Miroslav Škota

OLTIS Group, Czech Republic

In 2005 Miroslav Škota graduated from the University of Pardubice, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Transport Technology and Control. During his subsequent professional career he was involved in implementation of controlling in the environment of the Czech Railways and design of concepts of information systems in railway transport, such as system for electronic documentation for train movement. Recently, he is in charge of processing of studies and concepts in the field of railway energy and measurement of traction diesel consumption.

Ivan Wlachovský

Head of GR ŽSR Marketing of Transport Service Department
ŽSR, Slovakia

Ivan Wlachovský (49) is a graduate of bachelor study of the University of Žilina, Department of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications.
He has been employed at ŽSR since 1982. He started from scratch as a station master. Throughout the time he had gone through various positions. Currently he works as head of department at the Business Division of GR ŽSR. Within railways Ivan Wlachovský is known as a famous promoter, photographer, moviemaker, historian and organiser of railway nostalgic events and museums. At the same time he is the editor-in-chief of an online railway magazine called Vlaky.net.

Eleanor J. Sillerico Mayta

civil works engineer
ACCIONA Infraestructuras S.A., Spain

Eleanor Sillerico is a civil works engineer working in the Underground Works, Geotechnics and Railways Area in ACCIONA, which is one the five biggest Construction Companies in Spain, since 2006. She is the coordinator of RECYTRACK project which objective is to demonstrate the environmental and technical benefits of a new elastomeric “eco-friendly” material for railway applications. She is also in charge of the design of tunnel lining, tunnels soil-structure interaction, soil improvements and the development of new building processes for civil works. Before joining ACCIONA, she was working in ECOVIANA, a Bolivian engineering consultancy as a field supervisor engineer in important roads’ projects. She holds two Master’s degrees in Geotechnical engineering and in Underground Infrastructures & Tunnels. Currently, she is writing a thesis to get a PhD degree in Madrid’s Polytechnic University.

Andreas Schöbel

TU Wien, Austria

1996 – 2001 Technical University of Vienna, Faculty of Civil Engineering – degree of Dipl.-Ing.
2002 – 2005 Institute for Railway Engineering, Traffic Economics and Ropeways – degree of Dr. techn.
June 26th, 2006 Certification as an EURAIL-Ing. (European Railway Engineer)
July 14th, 2011 Habilitation for “Railway operation” – degree Privatdoz.

Employment & Scientific Positions
2002 – 2005 Scientist, since 2005 to present Scientific Assistant – Institute for Railway Engineering, Traffic Economics and Ropeways at Technical University of Vienna
Since 2005 Member of the International Association of Railway Operations Research (IAROR)

Grzegorz Kaczor

Science Assistant
Cracow University of Technology, Institut of Rail Vehicles, Poland

2011-now: professor assistant in Railway Vehicles Institute at Cracow University of Technology
2011-now: PhD studies at the Cracow University of Technology, Mechanical Department, faculty: Construction and Operation of Machines
2010-2011: Trainee period at Railway Vehicles Institute, Cracow University of Technology
2006-2011: 5 year cycle studies at Cracow University of Technology,
2010: Trainee period in DB Schenker Sp. z o.o.
2010: Trainee period in PKP Cargo S. A. (Stock Office)
2009: Trainee in MPK S.A., Cracow
2007: Trainee in „JUKA” Commercial Production Company, Mechanical Department, faculty: Transport, specialisation: Operation and Management in Transport. Degree: Master of Science
2004: Trainee in the Centre of Practical Education in Cracow
2000-2004: Technical Secondary School in Cracow. Degree: electronic technician

Petr Kroča

Project Coordinator
JERID, Czech Republic

Born in 1967, analyst, project manager and marketing director. Earned his master degrees at the Transport University in Žilina, Slovakia, specialisation Operation and Economy of Railway Transport with focus on Informatics. Worked for Czechoslovak and Czech Railways and went through various positions: station dispatcher, IT administrator, chief-analyst of freight IT systems and head of IT teams. Responsible for preparation, management and evaluation of projects focused on development of systems for European rail freight transport, particularly specialized on digital content, railway infrastructure and wagon monitoring. Coordinator of four EUREKA projects of European market oriented research and development. He speaks English and Russian.

Rimantas Gatautis

Vice Dean for Infrastructure and External Relations
Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania


Tariq van Rooijen

Project Manager
TNO, Netherlands

Tariq van Rooijen (1980) is employed at TNO as a consultant Mobility & Logistics. Since 2005 he has been working on projects for governments and companies in the Netherlands and Europe. Tariq focuses mainly on projects in the field of urban mobility and rail transport.
In 2011 he took over the role as project coordinator of the RETRACK project. Within this R&D/demonstration project a rail freight corridor between Rotterdam and Hungary has been established. A shuttle service is up and running 3 to 4 times a week. In a next phase of the project feasibility studies are being conducted for a Eurasian rail freight corridor between China-Russia and the EU.
Since 2009 he is project coordinator of the European CIVITAS POINTER project. This project contains the monitoring and evaluation of all sustainable transport measures in cities which are part of the European CIVITAS initiative (city-vitality-sustainable).

Stane Bozicnik

Head of Transport Economics Centre
University of Maribor, Slovenia

Stane Bozicnik (1951) is head of the Centre for Transport Economics at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Maribor and a lecturer at the Faculty Civil Engineering(Business Logistics, Organizing business of transport companies, Fundamentals of transport technologies). Fields of activity: logistics, transport, (transport) economics, (international) marketing and engineering. His activities include participation in several projects funded by the EU (as team leader) and as head of the national projects in the areas of: freight flows, intermodal transport, logistics centers, cross-financing, external transport costs, etc.

Kristýna Ježová

Project Manager
OLTIS Group, Czech Republic


Martin Kendra

University Teacher
University of Žilina, Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications, Slovakia


Karolina Wisniewska

Instytut Kolejnictwa, Poland

Karolina Wisniewska is a young scientist from Poland. Born 15th March 1982 in Warsaw, Poland.
In 2006 she graduated Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Architecture at University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw WSEiZ and received the title of landscape architect engineer. At the moment she is waiting to be awarded the Masters degree at the Department of Environmental Protection, Faculty of Ecology at University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw WSEiZ.
She began her scientific career in the railway sector at Instytut Kolejnictwa (Railway Institute in Warsaw, Poland) in 2006 as an Assistant at the Office of Deputy Director for Railway Interoperability. In 2008 she moved to the Railway Track and Operation Division at Instytut Kolejnictwa to take the lead role as an environmental protection expert.
At the moment her main activities at Instytut Kolejnictwa are:
– Preparation of project proposals
– Co-ordination of projects
– Organisation of project meetings
– Development of guidelines and technical standards on transport and environment
– Development of Feasibility Studies on transport, environment, social impacts
– Development of opinions for Polish Ministries in the scope of transport and environment
– Representing polish IM in environmental authorities
– Giving speeches, lectures and presentations on transport and environment

Murat Ozemre

Head of Technopolis
Bimar Information Technology Services, Turkey

Murat Özemre is graduated in 1996 from Middle East Technical University, Dept. of Aeronautical Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering Department. After graduation he started to work at ROKETSAN for the Simulation and Control systems group in Engineering Development department. The group was focused on simulation software and control systems. He participated in NATO projects on Missile Simulations. He worked as a Representative of ROKETSAN in US Army, Firing Tables and Aeroballistics Branch for a NATO Project. He got Master of Science Degree in year 2000 and MBA in year 2001. In 2001, he started to work in STM Inc. (Defense Technologies and Engineering). Lead a group for a Military Command and Control Software Development Project and lead a Company ERP Project which will be developed by CMMI Level3 methodologies. In 2005, he started to work at BIMAR IT Services as Software development manager. Now he is leading a group of 45 software developers for several development projects. Projects are mainly in Container Agency, Depot Management and Terminal Management business domains. The Container Agency project called Next Generation Agency (NGA) System is now used by 12 different companies not only in Turkey but also in abroad countries.